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Tangkahan Hot Springs



Tangkahan is a small village located two hours drive from Bukit Lawang. Often called the 'Hidden Paradise', this village boasts deep tropical rainforest, natural hot springs  and the beautiful river of Kualsa Buluh.

Originally the village of Tangkahan was built on the logging trade, however the village collectively decided to stop illegal logging to aim to become an eco-tourist destination. In 2001 they created Tangkahan Tourist Institute as way of protecting the surrounding area from exploitation and damage. 

The Sumatran elephants previously used for logging were relocated to the elephant camp where they could be used to safeguard the national park, and the Conservation Response Unit (CRU) was created.

The treatment of the Sumatran elephants has shown dramatic improvement in recent years, with elephants walking becoming a new popular way to see them up close.

However, due to the fact that elephant are still doing tricks we do not advertise for the elephant camp. This is a very heated debate and has been a hard decision as we still wish to support the community of Tangkahan.   

If you wish to visit the elephant camp, we advise you do research on the topic to make an imformed decision. 


We are happy to offer day trips or over night trips to visit Tangkahan, where you can enjoy the following activities-

  • swimming in the clear waters of the Kualsa Buluh River.

  • Tubing down the river 

  • Visiting the waterfall

  • lunch at lovely local restaurants or a BBQ by the river

  • relaxing and rejuvenating in the natural hot springs

Day trip to visit hot springs and tubing to the waterfall. Includes private car transport, guiding, fresh fruit platter, lunch a local restaurant, tube rental. 

Contact for full pricing and itinerary

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