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Coffee Tour


Contact regarding full itinerary and pricing

Sumatra grows some of the best coffee in the world, with their coffee being the foundation to many of Starbucks's favourite blends. Enjoy our coffee tours and learn about planting and growing coffee plants, harvesting the fruit, drying and processing, and finally taste the finished product!

This sustainable tour supports local farmers and plantations in the area surrounding Lake Toba. We will travel by private car from Bukit Lawang to a village in the hill, approximately 7-8 hours drive. Along the way we will pass through jungle areas, plantations, farm land, view Sinabung volcano and finally reach or destination near the worlds deepest lake (Lake Toba).

You can stay at in a local village or we can arrange a hotel.

This tour can be enjoyed alone, or as part of a package.

This activity can also be enjoyed as part of a tour. If you are interested to do white water rafting as part of a bigger tour; check out our 14 Day Sumatra Tour

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