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Four Day Trekking: Service

Educational Package

4 days

150 Euros per pax

min 3 people max 8 people

This eductional package is designed for​ anyone that wants to to learn more about the area of Bukit Lawang, the delicate ecosystems of the Gunung Leuser National Park, unique flora and fauna, ecofarming techniques and the cultures of Indonesia.

 We have put together the best educational experiences available for you to enjoy over 4 days,

Day 1/2 - Flora and fauna trek

IfThis trek allows you to go deeper into the jungle with more chance to see wildlife such as the Orangutan, Thomas leaf monkey, macaque and much more. You will also stop to look and learn about medicinal plants and interesting flora. Your experienced guide will explain to you about the ecosystem and the history of the rehabilitation project. They will also talk about life for local people (religion, education,economy) and the effects of logging and palm oil on the jungle. After a satisfying day trekking you will arrive at our camp based close to small river. Later you will be treated to local meal prepared by our camp chef. The next day you will get the chance to visit a beautiful waterfall before an exhilirating raft ride back to your starting point.

Day 3 - Village tour

Delve into local life with our guided village tour. We will travel by traditional betak (tuktuk) through villages and rice fields.  

Visit the sugar processing ‘factory’, a local family still practicing the traditional brown sugar method. Try a bit of the final product, a dense brown cake called 'Gula Merah'.

Stop off at the tofu factory and see the method of processing soybeans. 

Visit the palm plantations and understand more about the processing and use of palm oil and the impacts on the environement. See the rubber tree plantation and discover how rubber is made. 

Day 4-  Visit local sites of interest

We will visit the local Eco farm for 1/2 day to learn about ecological farming methods. We will finish our tour by relaxing at one of the local beauty spots, Landak river, and enjoy a local style BBQ of fish, rice, chicken and vegetables.  

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