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Village Life Tour

Bukit Lawang Village Tour
cacao plant
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We have two different village tours available to suit different interests.

Please read the itineraries to see which tour most interests you. 

1- Village Life Tour by Tuk Tuk

 40 Euros per pax

Whole Day

min 2 people- max 8 people

2- Eco-conscious Bicycle Tour

45 Euros per pax

Whole Day

min 2 people- max 8 people 


1- Village Life Tour by Tuk Tuk

If you are looking to travel responsibly and leave a positive impact on the community then our village life tour is perfect. We are supporting the community with small scale projects.

We will travel by local becak (tuk tuk) through the rice fields and villages to meet local people and watch or take part in traditional practices.

During the tour you will see how brown sugar is made, stopping at a local family's home to watch the process. Once cooked you can taste the brown sugar juice and try a bite of 'Gula merah', the final product, a dense sugar cake. We support this old traditional way to make sugar, and by visiting you are helping support this family.


 Next we will stop at the tofu producer where you can watch how soybeans are processed into fresh tofu. If you wish to purchase and taste freshly cooked tofu you may.

Our tour will pass through local farm land, palm oil plantations, rubber plantations, cacao farm land and rice fields. Along the way, your guide will stop and demonstrate how local farmers are able to harvest and process these materials.

Your tour will then drive in the direction of the Bohorok river, where you will stop for a scenic local lunch over-looking the jungle and river.    


After this tour, you will feel closer to Indonesian culture and have experienced local life, language and culture.

Why not enjoy this tour by bicycle?



English speaking guide


Lunch and activities




This activity can also be enjoyed as part of a tour. If you are interested to explore local life and learn about Sumatra's endangered species; check out our 6 Day Sumatran WildLife Tour

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