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Local Activities and Day Trips

We are firm believers in community involvement and sustainability, which is why we have created a variey of activites for you to enjoy, which support local businesses, traditions and artists in Bukit Lawang. 

Image by Utsman Media

Village Life Tour

Discover the Sumatran way of life with our Village Life Tour. Learn about traditional practices, agriculture, language and culture. Lunch included.


Bat Cave and Landak river BBQ

Enjoy exploring the area around Bukit Lawang. Visit the Bat Cave and enjoy a BBQ overlooking the jungle by landak River.


Coconut oil making

Learn how to make traditonal coconut oil. Perfect as a multi-use moisturizer or an eco-friendly alternative to cooking oil.  


Cooking class

North Sumatra is home to a variety of delicous foods. Take home a skill to share with family and friends.


Coffee Experience

From bean to barista...learn and take part in coffee production near Lake Toba in Northern Sumatra.


Tangkahan Hot Springs

Out of view on the edge of the jungle, the village of Tangkahan is a hidden paradise.


Carving or jewellery workshop

Spend the day with a skilled local artist in Bukit Lawang to learn how to carve wood or make jewellery. Materials included. 

Image by Chandler Cruttenden

White water rafting

Head for an adrenaline packed day, rafting down the Wampu river.

Indonesian massage

Traditional Massage

Relax your body after your jungle trek wth a traditional Indonesian massage 

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