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White Water Rafting


Contact for full pricing and itinerary (Min - 3 person)

Today you will get to visit the Sei Wampu River, and enjoy an exhilirating wraft ride through the Gunung Leuser National Park. Working with a specialist local rafting group, you will set of at 08:30 am from Bukit Lawang. Once you arrive you will meet your rafting instructors who will run through the satefy and explain how to have the most fun from this experience.

During your rafting experience you will get the chance to stop off at hot springs, enjoy lunch and finally continue back to Bohorok.

By 4pm you will be back in Bukit Lawang.

This activity can also be enjoyed as part of a tour. If you are interested to do white water rafting as part of a bigger tour; check out our 14 Day Sumatra Tour

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