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Our unique trekking company offers ethical and sustainable trekking, with a focus on providing a quality experience. 

All treks begin from our accommodation (Sumatra Orangutan Discovery Villa) or from the village of Bukit Lawang and enter into the Gunung Leuser National Park.

All our guides are local from the village of Bukit Lawang, and as well as being certified by the ITGA-HPI they are all passionate about the rainforest and its preservation.

Please note that we limit our trekking group sizes to a maximum of 6 people to reduce environmental impact.

This vast rainforest is home to a number of endangered wild animals including the beloved Sumatran Orangutan, so it is our duty to preserve and protect their habitat, we kindly ask that you review and adhere to our Jungle Guidelines

Have a question? check our FAQ's or get in touch with us


One Day Ethical Treks

Explore the edge of the jungle

Pig-tailed macaque

4 Day Ethical Trek

Wild experience, enter the realm of the tiger 

amorphophallus titanum

Rafflesia Flower Trek

World's tallest and the world's biggest flowers!


2 Day Ethical Trek

Immerse in the jungle, experience the night 


5 Day Ethical Trek

Practice survival skills and walk in the footsteps of the elephant

Sumatra orangutan jungle trek in Bukit Lawang

Educational Packages

Group educational treks and tours


3 Day Ethical Trek

More wildlife opportunities


Bespoke Tour

Tours tailored to your interest


Meditation Retreat Trek

Meditate and relax deep in the jungle at a retreat center

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