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Jungle Guidelines

We respect and follow the ethical jungle guidelines set by Indonesian Tourist Guides Association (ITGA).  


When trekking, you will be entering the Gunung Leuser National Park, this is home to a number of critically endangered animals; including the Sumatran Orangutan. It is our priority that proper jungle guidelines are followed in order to protect and preserve the rainforest and unique ecosystem.


In order to enter the jungle, first a permit must be purchased from the Guiding Association in Bukit Lawang, and a fee paid to the Association, this price is included in the trek. 

Here are some important rules set by the Guiding Association

Rule 1- Do not feed the orangutans

Rule 2- Keep distance between you and any wild animals

Rule 3- Maximum of 8 people per booking 

Rule 4- Do not touch wild animals

Rule 5- If you are sick, you can't enter the jungle

Rule 6- Do not leave anything in the jungle (plastic or organic rubbish)

Rule 7- Do not use flash photography to photo wild animals

Rule 8- Walk on the path

Thank you for your respect and coorperation