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2 day 1 night Meditation Trek

Cottage private bungalow:

100 Euros including trek to meditation retreat and meditation session

150 Euros including orangutan trek and meditation session

Shared dormitory room

80 Euros including trek to meditation retreat and meditation session

130 Euros including orangutan trek and meditation session

Minimum 1 person Maximum 6 people
Intensity level: Medium

Start time; 9.00am

This is an opportunity to stay off-grid at a beautiful, tranquil meditation retreat based on the edge of the Gunung Leuser national park. 

Owned and run by a local couple devoted to Buddhism and meditation, classes on mindfulness and meditation are run daily.

Our guide will escort you to the hidden location. There are two trekking options, the first one avoids entering the national park perimeter and takes a windy and wild route following the river. This trek allows the opportunity to see much wildlife and a possibility to see orangutans.

The second option is a longer trek, entering the national park and the main area where we can spot Orangutans, Thomas leaf monkeys and much more wildlife. 

Both options are very remote and provide stunning scenery.

Once you arrive at the retreat, you will have the chance to rest, take a swim and grab some refreshments from the beautiful seating area perched high above the river looking out over the jungle.  

Dinner will be provided for you.

The following morning you will wake early and take part in meditation in the small temple seating area. 

Lunch is also provided the next day along with refreshments, before setting off on your trek back to Bukit Lawang.


Jungle trek and meditation retreat

I did a one day trek through the jungle seeing lots of wildlife including orangutans, Thomas leaf monkeys, toucan and sumatran peacock. My guide was very knowledgable about different species in the jungle and also traditional uses for plants - I appreciated getting both the natural and cultural insight. Plus he took some nice photos of me!

When we reached the jungle retreat I meditated in the river and did yoga in the morning - perfect for stretching out those muscles. I had a simple bungalow with comfy mattress and tasty food.

Thank you to Tyson and Ellie for the trek help in planning my trip.

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