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Four Day Trekking

250 Euros per pax

Minimum 2 people

Rafting included

Intensity level: Medium/difficult

Start time: 09.00


The four day trek allows you to go much deeper into the jungle . You will really get a feel for jungle life and learn a lot about the unique Gunung Leuser ecosystem. 

This trek is designed for those with higher fitness levels, seeking a challenge. You will stay at three different campsites all located near stunning swimming areas. During this trek you can learn jungle survival techniques, taught to you by your expert guide. 

 Depending on availability this trek sometimes allows you to experience the traditional jungle foods, such as wild ferns, young bamboo and banana tree trunk.

Your English speaking guide will meet you at your hotel at 08.30am and you will set off by 09.00am.  Your trek will start just on the edge of Bukit Lawang as you go uphill through the plantations and finally entering the jungle. During the first few hours you will have a very high chance to see semi-wild and wild orangutans. You will continue trekking through the rainforest with some up and down hill walking. You will pass by small creeks with crystal clear water. After a couple of hours you will stop and your guide will prepare you a fresh-fruit platter. Take this opportunity to rehydrate and sit back and relax while listening to the sounds of the jungle.   

You will then continue your trek deeper into the jungle, where your guide can point out various plant species and you can learn more about this ecosystem of the Gunung Leuser National Park. 

By 3.30pm you will arrive at your campsite based close to a clear river, perfect to take a swim and refresh your body.    

This evening you can relax and enjoy a banquet of local foods prepared by our camp chef.  You can spend the evening learning traditional jungle games and singing songs. The nighttime offers a different jungle experience, with many new animals’ sounds coming to life. Your campsite is designed to be a comfortable experience, with a thick foam mattress provided, mosquito net, and blanket and bed sheet.


The next day you will wake with the sun shining through the trees and the sound of birds calling. The campsite area offers the chance to see hornbills and other birds, as well as monitor lizards and butterflies.

Your chef will prepare you hot coffee or tea with breakfast before you set off on another 5-6 hour hike. 

Each day you are heading deeper into the jungle, so if you are lucky you might get to see some more wild orangutans and black gibbons or white-handed gibbons.

You will usually arrive at your next campsite around 3.30 or 4pm, always based next to a great swimming spot. You can relax after your long day, and soak in the feeling of the nature. By now you have probably worked up an appetite, ready to enjoy the selection of foods prepared by the chef.

The remainder of the nights you will sleep on an inflatable mattress, and might be able to spot some fireflies dancing around the river at night.   ​

On the final day you will travel back visa a traditional jungle raft! The boat is made from rubber tyres and the guide will steer you down the river using a long stick. 

You will be back in Bukit Lawang by 2pm. 

Animals you can see


  • Sumatran wild and semi-wild orangutans

  • Thomas leaf monkey

  • Long and short tailed macaques

  • Sun Bear marking

  • Monitor Lizards

  • Amazing plant diversity

  • King Fishers

  • Hornbills

  • Great Arus (Sumatran Peacock)

  • Water monitor lizard

  • Silvery lutung 

  •  Siamang, black gibbon
    * Sumatran white-handed gibbon

  • Sunda slow loris

  • Wild boar 

  • Asiatic softshell turtle

  • Red giant flying squirrel 

What clothes to bring


  • comfortable hiking shoes

  • long trousers

  • quick-dry t-shirt

  • lightweight raincoat

  • long-sleeved jacket or sweater 

  • mosquito repellent

  • sun cream

  • swimming clothes

  • towel

  • A dry change of clothes

  • toilet paper.

  • Medication (if needed)

  • Spare camera battery

  • flipflops for at camp

  • water shoes for river crossings

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*Fantastic 3 Night Jungle Trek*

Review of: Jungle trekking

We did the three day/ four night trek In January 2020. Ellie and Tyson organised everything for us, all we had to do was turn up! Great tips too for travelling from Ellie; Food was great, animals even greater! We saw, orang-utans, Thomas Leaf monkeys, Monitor lizards, and hornbills. Fantastic swimming in the rivers and waterfalls. Tyson and Ellie are great hosts, and Tyson is a great guide; Thanks for looking after us, Diolch ! Celt, Nia and Darren

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